Spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in our Parish

If anyone is ill, or for any other reason you think they would appreciate a visit, please put their name in the care folder or inform the Pastoral Care Group, via ( Wilma Gilchrist on 01506 327890) Please continue to inform the Office of anyone ill or in hospital.

Care Group – The Pastoral Care Workgroup offers practical assistance to members of the congregation via the Care Group. If you have talents or even just time to help others with odd jobs, transport, etc. and would like to offer this type of help, please contact the Pastoral Care Group, Wilma Gilchrist on 01506 327890.



Strathbrock Church

While the church premises (churches and hall) remain closed until further notice due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation. Sunday morning worship continues to be available on YouTube and Strathbrock Facebook page.

Weekly Service


Good morning everyone,

This email contains the information for the weekly services of Strathbrock Parish Church. The Service videos can be viewed at 10.30am on a Sunday on YouTube on your TV or mobile devices, including ipads or tablets.

Call up YouTube on your device and search for STRATHBROCK 29 NOVEMBER 2020.

The service can also be viewed on Strathbrock Parish Church Facebook Page. To access the video, log in to Facebook, search ‘Strathbrock Parish Church’ Page and click on the video link.

If you have any problems finding the service video on YouTube or Facebook we can send it to you by email or supply a DVD. Please contact the church office for this at the contact information shown below. If you know of anyone who would also like to receive this email please let them know to contact the church office.

Intimations for this week:

The Kirk Session decided that the church buildings will remain closed for regular worship for the foreseeable future while we remain in Levels 4 and 3 of Lockdown. Worship services will continue to be recorded and made available to watch on Youtube and Facebook.

Next Sunday 6 December 2020 is the second Sunday of Advent with the theme of PEACE. It is also Communion Sunday. If you wish to share in Communion from home, please ensure you have your elements ready.

Office: Church Hall, 58 Thomson Court, Uphall EH52 6BY

Tel:856433 Strathbrock Parish Church


Prayer for this week:

Lord of all that is seen and unseen, even when we hope for that which you promise, we often fail to see your present and coming kingdom despite the fact that you are walking alongside us. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear the holy in our midst. Do not let our human expectations blind us to your divine inbreaking wherever and whenever it comes. Knowing your unfailing love for us, we pray to exhibit a love that hopes all things. May our love bear witness to your love for the world. Amen

Extract of BUSY Minutes

Strategy review next steps.

Vision and Mission Statements: Communications Team. These have been reviewed and will come back to the Management team for approval at the next meeting. Communications Team is meeting again next week. They have access to the website now and are meeting next week to take this further.
ACTION Communications Team

Developing Volunteers: Small group of Gordon, Susanne and Lynne McW. Group met and have put together a document looking at our volunteer’s strategy. Susanne shared this with the group. Susanne, Hannah and Peter are all completing training this fortnight.

Partnership Agreement: The BASICS Trustees. Discussed. Will take back to trustees and take to churches in the New Year.     ACTION CT

Listen well training. Lynne sent the details to Susanne. Not yet contacted them. ACTION SW

BUSY meeting with school organised for next week.

Date for East Calder Men’s Fellowship meeting? Peter to share dates with Hannah.


Activities Team and Youth Worker report.

Hannah’s Report – two groups meeting on a Friday. First session went well.
Activities team meeting – Gavin reported back. Report to be circulated.   ACTION CT

Finance Team

Spreadsheet reviewed. Projection for the rest of this year and next year discussed.
Fundraising – Next Fundraising event planned for January. Peter completed his 40 mile walk in one day. It took him 20 hours. Peter raised £300 for BUSY.
Virgin Giving Page is set up.
Red Letter Day – January 2022.
Funding applications – no funding applications in the pipeline at the moment.

Communication Team met on 30th September.

Vision and mission statement discussed.
Discussed partners and how we reach out to them.
Newsletters and notice boards discussion.
Konnect magazine – changed the BUSY advert and will be undated for the Nov. issue.

SU update.

Staff were on furlough. Job retention scheme will help some.
No income from residentials and centres.
The BUSY Project is governed by The Basics Trust which is a charity registered in Scotland SC026791
SU workers on a temporary contract are not having their contracts renewed. Hours being reduced for many staff. Also a few redundancies. Regional workers are all back normal hours. Staff are taking time to make resources.
Day camps held in the October holidays.
Volunteers update for next year is now open.


Gordon Mckinnon has resigned formally from the group. We will not seek another management team member from US at the moment.

Fundraising ideas: Car treasure hunt; Raffle; Walk; bake sale? Target is to raise £300

Dates of the next management team meetings: 10th December 2020 & 11th February 2021

The Open Door – is now open 10.00–13.00, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with social distancing. Opening days are reviewed each month. A new card stall is available.

SOYA – Donations of food and toiletries are welcome to support young people aged 16-25.  Please leave with Evelyn of Myra

Walking Prayer Group – The walking prayer group meet on Wednesdays (weather permitting) 6-7pm Please meet at the Open Door.

‘Travelling Well’ House Groups – meet for Coffee on Tuesdays 10.45 to 11.45, at Uphall Golf Club. Social distancing rules apply.

The Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade – are still not able to meet face to face due to the current restrictions but are keeping in touch by delivering activity packs and updating information. Further details contact:-

Boys’ Brigade on

Girls’ Brigade on

Transport to Services Need transport to a service? Contact the Office by Thursday and someone will get back to you.

Welcome Packs – Do you have anyone new in your street?  Has a house changed hands?  Perhaps you would like to hand over a welcome pack?  These contain useful phone numbers as well as church information. These are in orange and blue.

Bible Study/House & Prayer Groups

Please help us to be watchmen and women and be encouraged to spend one hour praying for our Church, Community and Nation. 8.00 to 9.00am 1st Saturday in month in Church Hall.

Travelling Well / House Group

Monday – 7.00pm Lent Bible Study in Church Hall

Tuesday –  1.45pm in the Church Hall

Wednesday – 10.30am in Rachel’s house

Wednesday – 6.00pm – 7.00pm in the Church Hall.

Hymn Books – If you borrow a Church Hymn book please return it to the door as you leave. Hymn books cost £10 and can be ordered at the bookstall.

Bookstall – Every day with Jesus notes are available on the bookstall. We also have a selection of charity Charismas cards, calendars, diaries books and small gifts. There is also a large selection in the Church Hall.

Postage Stamps – Please leave your used stamps in the box in the Hall.

Jewellery Boxes If you have any empty jewellery boxes please give to Corrine Nairn or leave in Hall or Church

Mobile phones  – Please ensure your phone is switched off completely during the service to avoid embarrassment and to prevent interference with the church sound systems from incoming transmissions. Thanks.

Recording – If you are interested in having a recording of any Sunday service. Please speak to Wilma Gilchrist or phone the Church Office on 856433.

Hall – We have a large hall and number of smaller rooms. If you are interested in hiring any of these please contact the Church Office (856433) and someone will get back to you.

The BUSY Project – Invites volunteers with a desire and ability to work with young people and who are willing to share their faith. Specially to support Hannah with a Wednesday evening Bible study and lunchtime groups. Peter Hagenbuch (BUSY rep).

Leprosy Mission – 1p/2p we would be grateful if you would like to contribute please take a blue box from the book stall.  Please save your used stamps for the Leprosy Mission and hand them into the office or to any Elder.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – At Strathbrock Church Hall. We will be pleased to receive mobile phones, stamps and postcards.

Prayer Cross/ Prayer Chain – Become more involved in our Church’s prayer ministry. We are looking for people willing to prepare the weekly Prayer Cross – about 3 or 4 times per year. Also looking for people to join the prayer chain- our “quick response” team for situations requiring urgent prayer. Please speak to Jane Stewart; Sheena Carroll; Myra Macpherson.

Prayer Room – Room 2 in Church Hall is now open Mon- Thu during office hours of 9-11am, offering the opportunity for a quiet time of prayer / meditation.  Please make use of the prayer wall for any prayer requests you may have.  Literature is available for guidance and books may be borrowed.  (Additional donations of books on prayer would be welcomed).  Please make use of the facility.

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU – Our Church Hall is both a centre for worship and a community centre for the area of Strathbrock and offers a variety of activities for all ages. Our Church Hall is located at 58 Thomson Court just off Ecclesmachan Road Uphall.  Should the people of the Church be able to assist you in any way please contact us. We have two Churches available for weddings and funerals and a large hall available for functions. A wide variety of information can be found on our Church web site at or by contacting the Church Secretary.  Telephone  01506 856433.

Vestry Hour – If you wish to discuss weddings, baptisms, church membership and other matters please contact Church Office on 01506 856433 in the first instance.

Intimations – by e-mail by Tuesday to Secretary Carol Ewing at the office (Mon – Thu 9-11am)