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Strathbrock Parish is situated in the West Lothian town of Uphall and includes the neighbouring village of Ecclesmachan and surrounding rural areas.

Name Position Phone
Rev Graham Smith Interim Minister 01506 442917
Lynne McEwen Session Clerk 01506 855513
Myra Macpherson Depute Session Clerk 01506 853215
Susanne Wilson Treasurer 0131 237 7643
Office Church Office 01506 856433
Ian Gilchrist Roll Keeper 01506 858035
Jane Stewart Prayer Promoter 01506 852983
Sheena Carol Prayer Promoter 01506 854458
Mike Stears Church Officer – St Machan 01506 500467
John Stewart Church Officer – St Nicholas 01506 852983
Church of Scotland 121 George St, Edinburgh 0131 225 5722

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